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*Cancellation is an easy two-step process: You will be required to cancel your Fast Sales Training Center membership in your account portal and also your recurrent monthly payment in your PayPal account (canceling your membership with us, will NOT AUTOMATICALLY cancel your monthly charges in your PayPal account). Refer to section 15 in our Terms and Conditions for more information about our cancellation policy.

FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER exclusive Auto Sales Training Packages for your Dealership include:

1 – Your own portal with your own admin login where you will add, pause and terminate access to the courses for every employee in your organization.

2 – Once you entered an employee in your portal, he/she will create their own login and have immediate access to all courses included in your plan, 24/7 from any location.

3 – Every time an employee finishes a course, we will provide a certificate (per course) with the employee name, date, the course name, our logo and your store logo (optional).

Now it is time to have your sales staff learn and improve their sales strategy and skills with FAST SALES TRAINING CENTER Online Courses.

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